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Best spots to cliff dive in the area

Best spots to cliff dive in the area

Before you start reading and take inspiration, we have to say that we do not recommend you put yours or anybody’s life in danger by cliff-diving, and that we do not take responsibility for any action you might take after reading this article.

This said, we can certainly describe the best spots from which you can cliff dive in the Cinque Terre area and in its surroundings.

The best spot we can think of is the Byron grotto, in Portovenere: this spot is known nation and world-wide! This cliff is around 25 metres high and here also took place some Red Bull diving competitions!! Just great!

If 25 metres is a bit too high (it is!), there also is, in more or less the same location, another rock: it’s called ‘la piramide’ (‘the pyramid’), which is not even 10 metres high and it’s good fun!

The third spot worth mentioning for cliff diving is ‘la Caletta’, near Lerici, where you can easily find spots where to climb up and then jump down, quite a variety, you just have to get creative!

In the same spot, more or less in the middle of the small bay of ‘la Caletta’, there is  huge rock with a single tree on it, with a rope hanging from the tree: very very fun but potentially very very dangerous as well, be careful!

Another good spot for cliff diving is in Riomaggiore, it is a very popular spot, when you get there you’ll recognise it instantly – many people jumping down constantly!

That’s it for today, and if you find something else along the coast of Cinque Terre and surroundings, let us know with a comment!!

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