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Picture perfect spots in Cinque Terre and Portovenere

Picture perfect spots in Cinque Terre and Portovenere

Were you wondering which spots are the best to take a few pictures? Well, we’ll tell you right away.

Riomaggiore: thousands of pictures have been taken from this spot, but it never gets old! It is located at the bottom of the village, along the little trail that goes to the ferry dock. From here you can see the red house that characterises Riomaggiore and the whole village.

Manarola: again, it is the typical spot to take a great picture of Manarola, but being there and take the picture yourself it’s a different story. You can take a great picture from the Nessun Dorma bar or from just below it – it’s great at sunset!

Vernazza: in Vernazza there are a few spots: at the back of the village, high up on the trails, you’ll be able to shoot a fantastic picture of the village overlooking the sea; from the front of the village instead you can shoot the colours of the first line of homes & the main piazza with all the restaurants; from the trail that goes forward to Monterosso you can shoot from my favourite spot: from here you’ll be able to see the whole village, and the sea, and the harbour, and the piazza! 😊

Monterosso: in Monterosso you’ll only have to walk along the promenade and get to the tunnel, then turn around -looking at the beach- and there you go, click and post it!

Portovenere: from the top of the castle or from the terrace just below it, fantastic views and great pictures, if you’re looking for something even better, look for a double-arched window – the most romantic of spots!

Don’ forget to GET CREATIVE, and if you find a spot that we haven’t mentioned, comment below!

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