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Mizar III is getting ready for summer

Mizar III is getting ready for summer

Think that we at Navigacongusto don’t lift a finger during winter? No no!

In low season, Mizar III keeps in shape and gets ready for summer, but I am the one who does the workout!

The maintenance works take away a good part of the time we spend waiting for the high season.

I can’t say it’s not fun though. Maybe it’s fair to say I know it’s a critical time, that allows a good start and a better continuation for our fun sailing in the Cinque Terre.

At the moment it’s not over yet, but I can start looking back proudly at all the work. I think in about one month it will be finished and figure out already the baby will look amazing on the waves we ride together!

For the moment let me take note of the works, as I think it’s interesting to see how much care there is behind the coolness of our beautiful Mizar III.

It’s been common maintenance, as it is an (amazing) wood boat, and it needs each year a careful inspection of both parts submerged and out of the water, to see if it needs new painting.

The painting is very grueling: first, it needs one or two coats of primer, a kind of glue varnish that acts as a link between the wood and the varnish, then the actual painting, by brush for at least two coats.
Between one coat and the other one, I had to sand it all down to make the paint dull and rough so that the next hand attacked well.

Often before the primer, it is necessary to fill some spots, so to complete a painting cycle it takes several days, as the applied products have prolonged drying times.

And yeah, these jobs are performed outdoors, so there must be the right weather: at least 15 degrees of temperature, no wind, and little humidity.

In addition to the bodywork, there are the technical ones too. Every part art of the boat needs a check: engines, axles, propellers, batteries, bilge pumps, windlass, scraper, control panel, electrical system, hydraulic, waste- and clear water. Every year we replace the sacrificial anodes, zinc discs that, connected by copper wires with the other metal parts of the boat, protect these from the galvanic currents present in the water. The brackish attacks all types of metals, so each piece must be protected, covered by specific lubricants and paint.

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